Are you looking for a cool way to commute to work without spending a fortune every day on motor expenses or expensive bus rides? The latest trend is personal transport is going to blow up in the next few years and that is the electric hoverboard phase. Read below about how you can get your own hoverboard and commute to work.

About Us

We are dedicated to promoting healthy living in our cities. How we are doing our part is promoting the use of electronic transport such as electric scooters and hoverboards in our cities. We believe that if more and more people start using electric hoverboards that it would greatly reduce the smog in many world cities as well as saving people money on their commute to work.



About Our Hoverboard Ireland Blog

We are often asked where can you buy a good hoverboard that will last a long time. There are many cheap replicas on the market so it is important to do your research. Luckily as hoverboard experts we have done some of the research for you! In Ireland we recommend going to IT Directory website as they have original branded hoverboards and batteries.


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